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Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for everyone who are looking for Stock Market Courses about Intraday Trading, Technical Analysis, Future and Options, Trading and Investing in Indian Stock Market. But unable to find practical education even after paying for courses.

Workshop Modules

These are the Workshop/Masterclass modules which we made available for no cost only for a limited period of time, exclusively for those who are eager to build their Trading Career in Indian Stock Market

  • Making Money is the end goal but not the only goal.
  • Understanding and setting achievable goals.
  • Consistency is the key.
  • The story of Raju & Kaju.
  • Finding & Following the Path.
  • Developing A System.
  • 3 Golden Steps to ultimate trading success.
  • Bonus Step!! 
  • Practical Application & Segment Understanding.
  • What is Technical Analysis?
  • The real operators of the market.
  • Understanding the market’s timeframe.
  • Wealth vs Income.
  • Understanding the dynamics of supply and demand.
  • Understanding Price Cycle.
  • Understanding the Market Cycle
  • Accumulation, Distribution, Growth, Recession
  • Importance of Investors (Stakeholders)
  • The price – value relationship.
  • Tops & Bottoms in the markets. 
  • Catch big movements in the markets!
  • Understanding the market as an emotional exchange.
  • How the institutions loot you!
  • The wolf smells fear and greed.
  • Market moves ahead of future.
  • Understanding the true meaning of technical analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, these modules are made in such a way that they will help new traders understand the depths of the market without any confusion and give you an insight into the realm of trading. The questions and topics discussed in these modules will help you build a strong mindset, gain more than sufficient knowledge about technical analysis, avoiding the mistakes that ruin the careers of many newbie traders! So to conclude this module will be a great help to any beginner.

Yes, any person who has experience in the market but is still not able to make gains in the market has problems in the basics. We can not build a tall building on a weak base, hence, even if you are an experienced trader these modules will strengthen your base and give you a wider perspective with which you can view the market differently than other traders which will in turn help you make money.

No, these modules are built from the ground up, you do not need any previous knowledge about technical analysis to understand these modules, but a basic knowledge of stock market would help you understand the modules better!

The module is covered in both hindi and english with equal emphasis on both the languages for the better understanding of our students.

For your convenience, we have set the limit to no limit!! You can get access to the module until the landing page exists and you can watch it multiple times without any condition. Don’t forget to save the link of the page in order to get uninterrupted access to the modules!

At Upmarket Academy our sole purpose is to help traders get a seamless trading experience and develop a profitable trading career, once you sign up, you get options to connect with us via multiple channels like email, whatsapp, call and/or any other social media handles of UPMARKET ACADEMY.

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UPMARKET ACADEMY PRIVATE LIMITED is an educational institution providing exclusively tailored course on Indian Stock Market trading. 

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